A Comment To Paul

It is my opinion that you have a long way to go in the process of waking up, something I said to Paul on Facebook. You wrote something to me about my tone. Here is a quote of your tone in regards to republicans ” Didn’t they read the rules? They wrote them in times past. Dumbasses!” The question is, Paul, given that you appear to be a democrat, why did you send me a friend request which I accepted, I never, never, never solicit a friend request because of the things that I write repulse most Americans and I only alienate people, that is why I reject friend request, and if you will notice there are only a couple of friends on my friends list, I deleted them all, because most of them think like you seem to, and don’t mistake me please, I don’t want to hurt your feelings by accusing you of thinking, don’t turn me in to Facebook police to censor me because I accused you of having thoughts, which are rapidly becoming illegal. I completely agree with you, I loath stupidity, I can tolerate ignorance. The definition of stupid is ” I don’t want to know” and that is the very definition of Americans, and the entire political system in America currently. You sent me a copy of the United Nations Agenda 21 manual, and I am willing to bet that you have not thought about it’s contents. The democratic party are all in agreement of bringing in the Green New Deal, which is just another name for Agenda 21. I am absolutely certain that you do not understand the ramifications of Agenda 21. It would appear that you have a very loving family looking at your Facebook Page, do you really want them to live under the rules of Agenda 21. Under Agenda 21 – the Green New Deal, there will be no private property ownership, you have not given that one single thought, because if you had, there is no way in hell you could support the democratic party. If you are a democrat, you do not know what you are doing, and I say that with all confidence. I grew up in a family where all were democrats. I understand the patriotic fervor, but it is a cult, as is the republican party. I am not a republican, I am not a democrat, I am a human, and if you are a democrat or a republican, you have not risen to that level yet. If you vote, you are still trapped in the matrix of that cult, not able to think and reason for yourself. The electoral collage is constitutional proof of that fact, it is 270 men that place a President into office, not the American people. And you can bet that every single one of them is bought and paid for. The popular vote, worded in another way, the peoples vote, goes directly into the trash because the founding fathers did not want mob rule, and in today’s social climate we can certainly understand why they chose that system, not that I agree with it, but I understand their reasoning, because most people are not able to think for themselves, they parrot what they hear, and are only to eager to run over the cliff with the herd. If you want the Green New Deal, you are in the very center of that herd, on your way over the cliff. In every single society, where the people were disarmed, they were then slaughtered, every single one of them, the only reason that anyone takes your sword, but keeps his, is proof of his bad intentions toward you, you will do his will, or die. The United States of America, both parties, have already signed on to the United Nations Small Arms Treaty, which means that one bullet at a time they are going to disarm America, and when that happens, Tyranny will rule this entire globe. The democrats are the most vocal about getting the guns, but make no mistake, it was the Republican party which initially was the party responsible for signing the United States up for Agenda 21, which now, the democrats are trumpeting, the republicans are condemning, when it was the republicans who signed the documents condemning America citizens into slavery, which now the democrats are demanding, this is the insanity of both parties. can you see the hypocrisy in both parties ? If you vote for either, you are joining in with that insanity. No American President , or congressman, or senator has any say or power in the governance of the United States what so ever, and never has, it is all a puppet show. The real rulers of this entire world, none of us has ever even heard their names. I understand that you are still asleep, I only woke up 9 years ago, I am 70 years old now. I will stop right here now for the time being, but let me leave you with this last thought, read that Agenda 21 manual you sent me, understand what it is saying in cryptic terms, no private property ownership, look at all of the three bedroom homes across America, under Agenda 21, no one will own a home, no one will own a car, no one will be allowed to travel freely, no one will own the cloths on their backs, men and women will not live together, children will not have parents, you will not own any tools or have them in your personal possession without state sponsored oversight, you will live where you are told to live in something like 90 square feet prison cells where every breath you take, and every beat of your heart, every calorie you inject will be monitored and on the internet of things, and if you think this is insane, it is already being implemented, the 5G network is the control grid for Agenda 21- the Green New Deal. Your emotional response will be on the internet of things. Every single thing I have just said, and volumes more, can be verified with a click of the mouse, and like you say, only a stupid person does not want to know, you do want to know don’t you Paul ?

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