I.C.L.E.I is the enforcement of Agenda 21 at the local level. Agenda 21 Sustainable Development will be implemented by the United Nations through your local politicians, your Majors, City Council members and Code Enforcement Agencies, and the Police and Fire Departments, offices of Building & Planing. Remember this,always, what you government is telling you, what they really mean is the exact opposite. When they say Sustainable Development, what they really mean is Sustaining No Development or Suspending development or Destroying Existing Development. The Sustainable Development propoganda is just to sugar coat the bitter pill of the Wildlands Project which is about turning all developed areas back to the wild. The first step in doing that is to herd the people like sheep into concentrated zones where their every movement can be monitored, out of the rural areas, off of the farms, and into the cities. They will accomplish this in stealth, one house, one person, one farm at a time. They will do this by flood, tornado, hurricane hail, fire, or directed energy weapons, pestilence, bio agents, famine and disease, endless strains of pneumonia and other viral agents to keep people so ill that they cannot fight back, and to drain them financially. Chemtrails accomplish this perfectly. Let us not rule out sedation, keeping people asleep and lethargic, also has the added benefit of keeping them unproductive and unable to think clearly in order to fight back.

This video is an example of this. It is about a woman who bought a farm. Little did she know, that the local council members and planing agencies had long ago signed on to Agenda 21. After watching this video it is by opinion that they still do not know about Agenda 21, and this is very sad. Watch this video through the lens of I.C.L.E.I and you will get an idea of how this plays out all around the world, Agenda 21 is not just about the United States, this is a global initiative, for a one world government. And they even call it, “Global Governance”.

Martha Boneta Farm