Chemtrails – What Are They And What Is This Site About

Chemtrails are the Swiss Army Knife of Agenda 21, they don’t just do one thing, it is the tool box for the New World Order. This is a perfect analogy because think about that Swiss army knife, it has different size blades, it also has a magnifying glass that can start a fire, it has a file that can shape objects, it has a saw that can cut wood, it has a saw that can cut steel, it has a pair of scissors, it has tweezers, it has a tooth pick, it has a punch for working leather, a cork screw to open that wine bottle to sedate, a pair of pliers, etc, you get the point. Chemtrails are made up of many different compounds to accomplish different task.  However the main component is Aluminum, at the nano level. These particles penetrate cell walls, pass through the blood brain barrier and placenta, straight into the brains of all humans, and through the cells of all life on earth, including all bacteria, plants, insects, and aquatic life. Until recently the government denied the existence and deployment of Chemtrails, but now they admit it. That is what the Paris Agreement / Accord was all about. It was about the nations of the earth giving the United States Military permission to fly over their countries unrestricted to spray Chemtrails over this entire globe. Chemtrails are sold to the ignorant populations as a necessary evil to fight Global Climate Change. They call it Geo Engineering to dress up the title to make it sound like a problem solver, when in all reality, climate change and global warming are real, are man made, but they are man made because Chemtrails are the very cause of Global Climate Change and Global Warming. Global warming is not caused by CO2 emissions, get that out of your heads. It is like calling oil, fossil fuel. A dead rabbit on the side of the road never turns into a puddle of oil. Neither does a stack of dead dinosaurs stacked a mile high, they turn to dust. Oil was deliberately placed into the crust of the earth to lubricate the tectonic plates as they moved, because of thermal dynamics and gyro forces of the spinning mass of earth. It is not true that Chemtrails are sprayed with passenger jets, filled with passengers. The tanks holding all of the chemicals used fill up the passenger compartments. Some make the claim that nano particles of metals are put into the fuel supply of Jets, but that is not true, nano particles would sand blast the hardest metals, like titanium very fast and destroy an engine in no time, remember, these particles penetrate cell walls, bearing seals would be no challenge, and the forces of air flow in a jet engine would force these particles into the bearings, as well as abrade, so do not listen to those making the claim of Chemtrail compounds being added to jet fuel, that are the same disinformation trolls as the flat earthers, you cannot help them, don’t even try. When you can see, feel, touch, taste, smell, perceive, something, it is not a conspiracy theory, it is a conspiracy fact. They are really doing this, it is global, and you can step out your own front door and see it happening. These are pictures I took myself, outside of my home on “A” street in Taft California, that is close to Bakersfield. I have taken more than 10,000 pictures, and I have written more than 2 million words on related topics to this subject through the last 8 years. So this site is about Chemtrails, what are they doing, and why are they doing it. Everything in this site can be confirmed by simply going to YouTube and typing in the interest, you will be overwhelmed with content to validate what you read here. This site might serve as a simple preview of what is about to come upon us all, if we do not stop Chemtrails. If Chemtrails are not stopped, if allowed to continue without end, it would kill all life on earth. And if you view yourself and your family as living beings on this earth, you should want to understand what Chemtrails are, and what they are doing to you. Pull up the pictures and study the details contained in them, don’t just glance over them, extract the information contained within the photograph, ask yourself questions about what you saw in them. For instance if they are to stop global warming, why do they spray at night after sun down, notice that picture with trails over the moon. The palm tree in the foreground is between my camera and east facing, the other direction is west facing, A Street runs east and west. Notice the spraying at sundown. Notice the spraying over the top of what appears to be normal clouds. Notice the spraying in the dead of winter when it is 30 degrees outside. Chemtrails are not being sprayed to stop global warming, they are being sprayed to cause global warming, but that is only one blade in that Swiss army knife, Chemtrails are so much more than that, it is really about the implementation of Agenda 21.