Just wanted to take a moment to respond to you. I also, have no opinion of Trump, he just might be a wonderful man, with nothing but good intentions in his heart, I will give him that. But I also must rationalize what I see with my own eyes. The globalist want us dead, and his office is filled with globalist. Now maybe they have all had a change of heart, and I am waiting for evidence of that without judging any of them before they have had a chance to effect change. But this also is true. Americans do not elect their president, the president of the United States is selected and placed into office. You do not pull someone off of the streets and expect him to sit at that desk and rule the free world from day one. No, Trump, like all Presidents before him, was groomed for that office years in advance. So my feeling are that he has had many briefings on the activity of the United States Military. Geo Engineering is being implemented globally by the United States Military, of which he is commander and chief, in theory. The very least he could do is admit this is going on, and promise to stop it, even if he knew he could not. But the entire United States government, all of it, is denying that it is even happening. We have governmental agencies, like the California Air Resource Board, the Environmental Protection Agency, and others who while claiming to protect our air quality, are in all reality, participating in it’s destruction, and actually filling the air with poisons deliberately that will kill all life on earth. It takes no effort on the part of anyone to stop this madness, actually it takes doing nothing at all, meaning just that, do not do this, stop it, ground those military planes, and pay those people who were flying them to stay home. Trump knows this is going on, so does every single person in government, and every single person on planet earth that has a pair of eyes to see. So there are only two views to take from this, a denial of its very existence or a participation of it through apathy or complacency. I know Trump is very busy, but this is life or death for all humanity, including his own family, and if this is not stopped, we are all dead, at that point, repealing Obama Care, and building a wall, are not going to matter. It takes about one second to stop this, look over at the Secretary of Defense and say stop this. We don’t need 20 years of conversations in the Senate and House to stop killing our very own families.


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